Mobile technology and devices are being used more and more widely every day and businesses are taking advantage of these platforms to reach their customers and improve their business operations. Mobile technology has made it possible to keep connected longer, and in many cases all the time, as enterprises find themselves moving beyond the desktop to meet their customer and employee needs.

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Our Work

Real Estate News App

The App shows property and real sector related news to busy people who are primarily interested only in real estate and property news from across India. The App also delivers content specific news articles to its viewers.

The App shall also display a list of all the important “Events” happening in the Real Estate world and allows you to set a reminder in case you wish to be informed prior to the event date and time. You may also mark any news article as your favourite in case you wish to read it again in future.

Insurance Agent Management Application

We are working on developing some interesting mobile applications like a mobile platform for all the sales agent in insurance domain to input their daily calls and meeting details, product sold etc. - This application has an in-depth CRM functionality to make it easy for the team managers to understand and track the performance of their sub ordinates with the help of real time integrated information.

Credit Card Offers Application

Another application that is being developed is about the various offers and discounts offered by different credit card companies- the user will have to select his credit card type and the application then automatically shows him the various offers and schemes applicable for his credit card across various categories like food & entertainment, shopping, travel etc.


SingaPaws is a location based search app for pet services in Singapore. Users of the app can find services near them from our comprehensive listing of pet services and places both online and offline. It also has a Helpful Tips for Dog Owners section with information on first aid as well as AVA regulations. Features

  • Largest organized database of services and places for dogs in Singapore

  • Search for pet services and places near you

  • Offline search by regions

  • Quick service category browsing

  • Helpful information on First Aid & Emergency as well as AVA regulation. MORE..

Partners Discounts & Schemes Application

An Android application is being developed that will show various attractive offers and discounts being offered by the associated partners and associates of the client across various categories like food & entertainment, apparels & clothing, Media IT & Printing etc. - The user has to select his current city and the applications shall automatically display the offers and schemes in that city for different categories- The application shall also have a provision to save preferences in a detailed profile management section.

Live Store Fronts

The Live Mobile Merchant Pro (MMP) is the mobile component used to keep web-based storefronts up to date with the fast moving inventory of brick and mortar stores. Live Storefronts is the first service that streamlines the process of photographing, describing, categorizing and publishing inventory to the web into a simple mobile process that takes less than one minute per item.

Live Storefronts is built on our Snap Speak & Sell platform that allows users to snap up to 8 pictures and audibly record the price and description of the inventory item to publish online.

Removing products from a Live Storefront website is as easy as taking a single picture of the product and submitting the removal request.

StreetCeleb Photo Sharing Mobile Application:

StreetCeleb application is basically a photo sharing app in which user post their picture for the brand which they like with the description.

In this app user can search other people according to his interest and preferences like age range, sex and near by people so that user can get search results of their interest and preference.

If user is looking other people pictures then if he likes the picture he can mark star that picture.

Any user can check his profile along with uploaded pictures. Moreover user can also see those pictures which he marked star earlier.

If user find some other user picture according to their interest he can follow that user so that whenever that user will post any picture it will be visible on the top in search results. User can follow the any brand as per preference so that he gets specific brand result in priority during search.

Coupons Mobile Application:

Ability to support multiple merchants and Coupons belonging to merchants. Users would be able to viewed the coupons. Users shall be able to shortlist the coupons and put them in a favorite list and manage favorite list.

Intercity Truck Logistics Mobile Application:

The mobile application is being built for both iOS and Android.The intercity truck logistics involves sending logistics from one point to another and has interfaces for three parties like Company, Broker and Individual Load Owner. The objective of this application is to provide realtime logistics movement information to all the parties and automate the entire communication process.

Each of the parties have separate login and sign up process in the application.

This is a role based access driven application which is very comprehensive and involves features like OTP authentication , Geo Tagging, Load Registration & Management, Payment Receipt upload, Real Time Tracking and Updates for all the parties involved based on the logistics registration and movement , Payment Gateway Integration.

Medicine Details Input and Reminders Setting Mobile Application:

The objective of application is to provide a platform for the patients and medical caregivers like nurses to enter their complete medical ailments like diseases, subdiseases, medicinedetails and reminders.

The application provides patients and caregivers with real time notification for taking medicines through various mediums like text, Email and In-App notifications so that they don't miss out on their medicines. The app has a local notification storing capability i.e. once a patient or a caregiver sets a medicine taking reminder inthe application it automatically gets stored on their mobile device calendars and sends alerts accordingly.

The caregiver role in the application can manage medical assistance through the application for multiple 4 patients.

Guest House Booking Application

We are developing a mobile application for guest house / hotel booking on Android and Ios platforms- This application will allow the users to search for guest houses/hotel across India and would enable them to see the details of a particular property and do bookings through the system with the help of payment gateways. The application will have value added features like refer a friend and get credit points, redeem the earned credit points and avail discounts on the total booking amount, search nearby guest houses by entering your current location and many more.

Enterprise & Instant Messaging Application

This application is being developed with an objective to foster greater collaboration and information sharing between different departments of an organization in order to enhance productivity and better management control and decision making. The application will also have a CRM feature that would enable the sales team to do order bookings through the application, channel partners management with integration with the existing systems like ERP in an organization.

Health Care Application

A detailed mobile application is being developed that would enable the users to store and manage their medicine subscriptions and schedules and would also send a reminder to the user when he has to take a medicine as per the schedule set by him.

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